Dress Code

The Dress Code standards are extremely important to us and have been established to compliment your overall experience at CRCC. Our staff is available to answer any questions you have about the dress code. In addition, they have been directed to gently remind those who accidentally forget or are uninformed of the standards. As a member, it is your responsibility to inform your guests of our dress code prior to their visit.

The dress regulations apply to junior players and children of members and guests over the age of 9.

Attire considered NOT PROPER in any area of the clubhouse at any time: t-shirts - plain or logoed, shirts with tails out which are designed to be tucked in, rubber flip-flops, bathing suits, halter tops, tank tops, short shorts, athletic shorts, cut-off and torn blue jeans. Headwear is allowed in designated areas listed below.

Golf Course Attire

No shoes or clothes may be changed in the parking lot; please use Lockers Rooms. Players must wear golf shoes or non-cleated shoes. Men: Shirts meant to be tucked in shall be tucked in on the golf course and all practice areas. Collared golf shirts, mock turtlenecks, golf slacks or shorts are fine. Cut-offs, bib-overalls, jeans, denim, sleeveless shirts, t-shirts and swim suits are not allowed. Ladies: Halters, midriffs, or extremely short shorts are not considered appropriate.

Dining Attire

Men’s headwear is permitted in the Lounge, Mens’ Grill, Golf Shop, Golf course, Locker Room and Card Room, but not in the Mixed Grill or Formal Dining Rooms. Ball caps are to be worn in the manner in which they were intended. Women are allowed to wear hats.

Mixed Grill, 19 Uncorked and Lounge:“Country club casual “ attire. Golf and collared shirts - shirts intended to be tucked in shall be tucked in. Mid-thigh length shorts, slacks, and neat blue jeans.

Main and Formal Dining Rooms for Sunday Brunch: No jeans, shorts, or t-shirts in these rooms. Men-Suit, sports coat, and ties are suggested, but not required. Ladies shall dress accordingly. Members’ Events: For events such as Bingo, Buffets, various monthly events, etc., the Mixed Grill Dress code applies. If special attire is requested for an event, it will be noted on the event details in the newsletter.

Tennis Courts Attire

Proper tennis shoes with light colored non-marking soles. No flip-flops, bare feet, soft spikes or sandals. T-shirts and shorts are acceptable, no swimsuits. Men cannot go shirtless or wear tank tops.